Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

Woodland Valley Farm, Ladock

Saturday 20th November - 10.30 - 3pm 

Join us for our AGM at the Cornwall Beaver Project with our guest speaker Gillian Burke presenter of Springwatch and Blue Planet UK. Gillian will be talking about her experiences in science, media, and life. There will be a chance to catch up with other members and find out what we have been doing and our plans for next year, find out who has won the prestigious CMG Award, vote for next year’s committee and (weather permitting) visit the beaver enclosure. Seats are limited so make sure you book well in advance via Eventbrite.

Harvest Mouse Survey Training

Woodland Valley Farm, Ladock

Saturday November 27th

Harvest mouse survey training with Pete Cooper. Learn about our smallest, and least recorded rodent. Pete will be teaching us how to search for the characteristic woven nests in order to improve our understanding of the distribution of harvest mice in Cornwall and to support the national Harvest Mouse Survey being co-ordinated by the Mammal Society.

Xmas Mammal Quiz 

Thursday 9th December - online

The much anticipated CMG Christmas Quiz – Dave Hudson’s enjoyable challenge for the grey matter. We are currently expecting to run this online again after last year’s success.

Cornwall Dormouse Meeting

Wednesday 26th January - online


Our semi-regular opportunity for the dormouse community to catch up on latest developments and find out what has been happening with survey sites around the county. This year we have presentations from Ian White (PTES) on the national picture, Matt Parkins from Devon will be telling us about his use of footprint tunnels and Ellie Scopes and Charlotte Armitage will be talking about their dormouse research.

Mad March Hares with Steph Wray

Wednesday 2nd March - online

Mammal Society Chair Steph Wray will be telling us all about Mad March Hares – Steph is an ecological consultant specialising in the economic aspects of ecology, she works on a range of protected species and began studying hares for her PhD at the University of Bristol in the 1990s. Hare distribution in Cornwall is patchy, and they are probably under-recorded so maybe we can improve our understanding of this charismatic species with Steph’s guidance?

Members will be circulated with booking information be email but you can find out more by using the contact form on the website.

harvest mouse nest.png