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What To reCord:





25 APR 2016




  • Leave scats (droppings) around territory. 5-20cm long, spirally twisted, strong musty smell. Often contain fur, insect remains, bones or seeds. Mark territory with urine.

  • Prints similar to small dog but narrower and two front pads closer together.

  • Dens often excavated old badger or rabbit burrows, tunnel several meteres, ends in sleeping chamber. Strong musty remains, prey remains around entrance. Urban: dens in old buildings or under garden sheds. Out of mating season, animals may lie above ground in dense cover.

  • Any sightings of mammals - live or dead (including road kill)

  • Any distinctive signs such as droppings, tracks, burrows, nests, molehills etc.

  • Any mammals heard or detected through call e.g. bats

  • Any found using traps such as Longworth traps

  • If possible:

    • ​How many?

    • Male or female?

    • Life stage - fully grown or young?

© Paul Diamond

The map shows priority areas where there are a lack of records. (Not outlined in red).


Having a grid reference is very helpful, these apps are available free for Smartphones:


            OS Locate

            for Apple and Android


            Grid Ref UK & Ireland

            for Windows Phone


Date of sighting



This is needed in case there are any queries.

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