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The CCOP So Far...

The Cornwall Coastal Otter Project began almost two years ago. We have had great success with many spraint samples collected by our group of volunteer surveyors. 


As a team, we suffered a great loss in January when Rebecca Jayne Smith, one of the leaders in this project, sadly passed away. We recognise the incredible work Rebecca did and have continued this project in her memory.

In March, Dave Groves completed a poster (see here) showing the preliminary results of the CCOP. Seasonality and distance above high tide were both seen to affect diet choices of otters around the Cornish coast.

Dave has continued to work hard throughout lockdown to produce a full spraint reference manual showing the common prey species found and how to identify them from their remains. 

This manual is available HERE to assist potential spraint surveyors and inspire people to look out for spraint on their next coastal walk.





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