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February updates!


In February, our chair Dave went out on three different spraint searches with mixed success...



10th February 2019


We took a walk along the West Looe River in the company of the Friends of Kiliminorth Woods in search of otter signs. A lovely walk but ultimately unsuccessful from an otter-spotting perspective. We checked previously positive sites and the carefully placed otter sprainting stone by the bridge but nothing doing – possibly not helped by the recent heavy rain and very high river levels. We did meet an Alpaca and some chickens…




20th February 2019


Jenny, Simon and Dave, accompanied by Bailey the Dog, walked up from Seaton beach along the River Seaton. Plenty of activity along the heavily used section but nothing much in the quieter undisturbed bit – strange. Anyway we collected 4 spraint samples for the CCOP.




25th February 2019


Out with Adrian Langdon to the Walmsley Bird Sanctuary on the Camel Estuary – not surprisingly we collected plenty of spraint as there have been regular reports of otters around the Sanctuary over the years and the River Camel is a SAC for otters. Looked like lots of frog bones at first inspection.




We hope your searches are going well and that you are enjoying the improved weather! What perfect conditions to head out and find some spraint!

Spraint sample taken from the Camel Estuary

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